Last updates for 2012

Word count now: 94, 851 (I made few big edits. That's why word count is now smaller than last time)

Finished chapters: 16

Unfinished chapters: 11

Unwritten chapters: 6 

How many words I have to write: About 65000 words (Let's see if I'm right!)

Edits to do: Mostly small edits, I think.

Plan for the holiday in Tenerife: I'll do some research. I'll check I've written everything right, I'll take a lot of pictures and make a list for possible edits for the Tenerife chapters. 

I've also made some plans for 2013, but I'll tell about them when I come back to Finland.

Happy new year! See you in January.


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Thank you for visiting, reading and supporting comments. You inspire me every day. You're such a great Christmas present!

Next week we'll see the word count and some other updates. And then... It's time for Tenerife!



Grown up story

In this post I'll answer two questions asked by Virtuefiction. I copy a part of the comment here so you see what I'm going to talk about:

Reading about the history of your writing makes me think that you must have changed a lot as a person during these years of your life. What kind of effect did this have on your novel, and how different is the early draft compared to what you have now?

Yes, I really changed a lot as a person during the second period of writing Young Fighters. My life changed first, then was my turn. In summer 2005 we moved from Lappeenranta to Helsinki, which was a huge change for a twelve-year-old girl - especially because Helsinki is so much bigger place than Lappeenranta and people are really different in Helsinki compared to those I know in Lapppeenranta. Here's one example of the differences between these two cities: in Lappeenranta I went a school where everyone knew each other. When I came to my new school in Helsinki I noticed that the people from other classes didn't know my classmates. It was so weird at first. Everything was new, which was inspiring and a bit terrifying. I used to live on an island surrounded by the lake Saimaa, and suddenly I lived in the capital of Finland and saw the sea almost every time I visited the center of Helsinki.

Leaving my old friends really made me appreciate them even more I already did, which had an effect to my characters. Friendship became one of the main themes in Young Fighters. I've been lucky to have so many good friends, so I wanted to give my characters good friends too. 

Making new friends gave me new ideas: I created new characters and got deeper into the characters' personality. I figures out events from their past, thought of their future and learned to know them much better. When I got stronger, the characters got stronger. All the changes in my life also gave me chance to write about things I couldn't write before (for example how it feels to lose someone who was really important to you) because I really didn't know how the things feel like. I could say there's much more drama in my novel now.

The early draft is very different compared to what I'm writing now. The plot has changed a lot since a had the first idea of Young Fighters. I've removed many scenes from the first draft and created new scenes that fit the story better. I also have changed the order of the events and decided to write some of my old ideas to the sequel. 

Another difference is that in the early draft was only one antagonist with his group. In the new draft there are four of them. It's one of the best changes I've made, I think, and I can't wait to write about their history.

The first draft is also much shorter, about 45,000 words. The newest draft contains new characters, new relationships, new details, new events... The basic idea and the story line is the same, but it's more detailed and much more developed in the version I have now.

Hope you got some interesting information. Questions and comments are welcome, as always!


20 things about me

Today I'll tell you something about myself. Because I'm twenty years old, I'll do a list of twenty facts about myself and say something about them. 

Here we go.

1. I study literature and Finnish language at the University of Eastern Finland, in Joensuu. This is my first year at university and I already love my studies. I've made a lot of new friends and met great teachers - and learned a lot about literature, of course.

2. My home is in Imatra, which is almost 200 kilometers from Joensuu, in the East also. Imatra is quite a small town, but it's famous for the river called Vuoksi - it's a really beautiful river by the way. I've lived in Lappeenranta (about 35 kilometers from Imatra) and Helsinki.

3. I read all the time. My favorite genres are crime fiction and fantasy, but I read books from other genres, too. Now I'm reading Catching fire by Suzanne Collins and the Casual Vacancy by J.K.Rowling.

4. I love knitting. I knit mostly socks and use multiple colors. 

5. Travelling inspires me a lot. It really makes wonders and gives me tens of ideas. I've been to Sweden, Estonia, Germany, Crete, Bulgaria, Turkey, Norway and Tenerife. I'd like to see all the Canaria Islands and of course go to US.

6. I like learning new languages. For example German, which I started to learn when I was on the fifth grade.

7. I love lakes, especially the Lake Saimaa, the largest lake in Finland. When I was a child I spent all the summer days with my friends on a beach, swimming and playing in the water.

8. My favorite writers are J.K.Rowling, Michael Connelly, Carlos Ruiz Zafón, Patricia Cornwell, Clive Cussler, Suzanne Collins, Dan Brown, Stephenie Meyer, Robin Hobb, Dennis Lehane and Conn Iggulden. I could list much more writers, but here's a few.

9. And here's some books that I love: Harry Potter series, Echo Park, Nine dragons, Lincoln Lawyer, Shadow of the wind, Scarpetta, Memoirs of a geisha, Hunger games, Da Vinci code, the Emperor series, Twilight series, Shutter Island, the Hypnotist, Eat pray love... This list is endless.

10. I have a dog. Dogs = <3

11. My birthday is in October, and so is my brother's and my mother's.

12. I like skating. It was an important part of my life few years ago, and I wish it will be my hobby again in the future.

13. Movies always give me inspiration, especially if I'm struggling with my writing. Here's some of my favorites: Blood diamond, The departed, Atonement, Titanic, Holiday, The game of shadows, Dark knight rises, Shutter Island, Inception, Mamma Mia, Moulin Rouge, Australia, Catch me if you can, The amazing spiderman, Water for elephants

14. Actors/actresses I like: Leonardo Di Caprio, Kate Winslet, Nicole Kidman, Evan McGregor, Johnny Depp, Keira Knightley, Jude Law, Christian Bale, Meryl Streep, Mark Wahlberg, Jack Nicholson, Robert Pattinson, Kiefer Sutherland, Emily VanCamp

15. I don't like doing anything in hurry. Well, who would?

16. I have about 50 book ideas. I guess I don't need to worry what to write about.

17. I don't like early wake-ups.

18. My favorite bands and artists: Daughtry, Avril Lavigne, Enrique Iglesias, Nickelback, Bruno Mars, Poets of the fall, Paramore, James Blunt

19. I'd like to take dancing class. Salsa, rumba, jive, tango, charleston... 

20. I started my first blog, Behind the words, in August 2011. I love blogging. Thank you all for motivating and inspiring me!


About the writing process part 2: Three years full of inspiration

So, about to second period of Young Fighters. I could say those three years were full of writing. I started to write the first version of the manuscript in summer 2005 and completed it about in a year. I spent all time I had writing, which sometimes was few hours a day or one day in a week. I didn't have many plans for the first version - I just wrote what felt right.

When I had finished the first version of the novel, I put the manuscript aside for six months. I knew there were many things that didn't work yet, but I didn't want to rush. I needed a break, too. So I didn't even read the manuscript during those six months. Nowadays I wonder how I was able to leave the text for so long time.

It was February 2007 when I started to work with my novel again. I was on holiday for a week and decided to use it writing, to make the story better. I made huge changes to the plot: I removed some scenes, I changed the order of most events in the book, I removed some characters and created new characters, planned new chapters, decided to put some of the events in the sequel... During that one week I wrote from nine to twelve  hours a day, about 5,000 words every day. It was crazy. I had never experienced an inspiration like that before. It felt like I couldn't think anything but writing. My head was full of ideas, my characters were on my mind all the time. 

I continued writing more regularly and kept working hard until I finished the second version of the MS. I read lot of books that year, for example Harry Potter series again, a lot of crime fiction and some novels we studied at school. Music inspired me more than before - 2007 was the year I found Daughtry. I listened to their first album every time I wrote and let the songs make wonders to my writing. Many of the scenes I created while listening their music are still in the first Young Fighters novel - I have only developed and edited them.

This huge, long state of inspiration took me to the point where I was fifteen years old, I had finished two versions of my first novel and started to make third one. If the second period of Young Fighters should be described by two words, the words would be progress and inspiration. There were no problems, only happiness and developing in the period - writing felt like the easiest and the loveliest thing to do.



I made a playlist of the songs that have inspired and still inspire me to write the first book of the Young Fighters series. Thanks Kelly for giving me the idea. The songs describe the story from beginning to the end. Hope you enjoy it!

Here it is.

1. Supernatural - Daughtry
2. Louder than ever - Daughtry
3. Contagious - Avril Lavigne
4. Could I have this kiss forever - Enrique Iglesias ft. Whitney Houston
5. Running out of time - Poets of the fall
6. Ghost of me - Daughtry
7. Dangerous - James Blunt
8. Russian Roulette - Rihanna
9. Temple of thought - Poets of the fall
10. I'd come for you - Nickelback
11. Count on me - Bruno Mars
12. The one that got away - Katy Perry
13. Lucky - Sturm und Drang
14. Maybe we're already gone - Daughtry
15. Wish you were here - Avril Lavigne
16. Wicked game - Stone sour
17. Monster - Paramore
18. Slipped away - Avril Lavigne
19. It will rain - Bruno Mars
20. All these lives - Daughtry
21. Dark little angel of mine - Sturm und Drang
22. This means war - Nickelback

And here are the videos: